Dividend Not Received
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Dividend Not Received

A dividend can be defined as the way through which a company distributes its wealth (earnings) produced from business operation. Dividends may range from cash, stock or property. Most of the companies prefer to provide dividends to its investors alias shareholders.

All registered shareholders on the record date of announcement of the dividend are automatically qualified for getting dividend. A dividend is distributed as a fixed amount for each share, with shareholders getting a dividend in proportion to their shareholding.Dividend Not Received


However if the listed company fails to disburse dividend within 30 days after declaration, each shareholder is eligible to get 18% p.a. simple interest for such delay. If company defaulted in any of above, the shareholders can file a complaint with SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India), NSE, Investor Grievance Cell Of The Exchange etc.


Both SEBI and NSE accept complaints concerning issue and transfer of securities as well as non-payment of dividend with listed companies. Beside, SEBI also deals with complaints against the several intermediaries registered with it and related issues.


Before making complaint, check the following points:-


  • Ensure from your Bank Statement whether the dividend for each share has been credited or not.
  • Verify your cash market ledger for credit of the dividend. Often it is also credited directly by the broker to your cash market ledger
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