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Dividend Complaints

Many investors face various problems which may range from not getting dividends from listed company where investment is made as well as non-receipt of interest on debentures/bonds/other debt instruments, securities on account of a bonus / de-merger / merger / stock split, dealing with brokers or inconsistency in share allotments.Dividend Complaints


In the above cases, the investor can settle these types of issues by making complain through SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India), NSE, Investor Grievance Cell Of The Exchange, etc.


Investors can file their complaints in the format set by the above authorities along with the supporting documents either by registering their complaints online via their websites.


Sebi has introduced a complaints redress system alias SCORES (Sebi complaints Redressel system), scores.gov.in, through which any investor can register and resolve their complaints. SCORES is a centralized online method to lodge and track complaints.

Prior to file a complaint, an investor should at first contact with the intermediary or company and ensure that the proper response is not initiated by the company.


The procedures for lodging a complaint


An investor can search through the website and make a registration by submitting the basic information like name, address and permanent account number (PAN). The investor can also upload supporting documents in a PDF format (up to 1 MB). The investor will receive the log in details with a user ID and password through email. Apply this to log into the website and lodge the complaint.


The investor has to choose the complaint category and provide a detailed description of the complaint. As soon as the complaint is registered, the investor will receive a unique registration number for future reference.


The investor can also verify the position of the complaint through the registration number assigned to him and can also send a reminder.


If it is not possible to file complaint online, the investor can send a written complaint to the headquarter of Sebi at the following address.


SEBI Bhavan
Plot No.C4-A,'G' Block, Bandra Kurla Complex,
Bandra(East), Mumbai - 400051
Tel : +91-22-2644 9000 / 4045 9000
Fax : +91-22-2644 9016-20 / 4045 9016-20
E-mail : sebi@sebi.gov.in


The investor can also give a call to Sebi's toll-free helpline service number for assistance.
1800 266 7575 or 1800 22 7575 (The service is available in 14 languages)


Criterias for a complaint being rejected in SCORES


  • Incomplete or unspecific complaints
  • Claims without supporting documents
  • Offering suggestions or requesting guidance/explanation
  • Looking for explanation for non-trading of shares or illiquidity of shares
  • Dissatisfied with trading price of the shares of the companies
  • Non-listing of shares of private offer
  • Disagreements occurred out of private agreement with companies
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